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Why Invest In SEO Marketing?

shutterstock_282909668Whether you own a single, family-owned plumbing business or an entire chain or franchise, you need to reach people in the areas where you primarily do business, and that’s what SEO – search engine optimization – can do. Done properly SEO harnesses the power of the Internet by creating and promoting your business’ website to highly targeted consumers based on a wide range of potential demographic factors. Here’s how that will help you and your plumbing business.

Gain More Customers

Marketing studies indicate about 85 percent of all people conduct online searches when making a major purchase decision, such as hiring a plumber for an important job. To do that, most people enter a search term into Google, Yahoo! Bing, and other search engines, which then find relevant websites and return them. When people in your service area are looking for plumbing services, you want your website to be at or near the top of their online search results, and SEO can make that happen.

SEO Tactics and Strategies

There are two ways to make SEO work for you. One is to improve your rankings on search results obtained via pay-per-click marketing, in which you bid on keywords and pay whenever someone clicks on your website link. The other is to boost your organic search results, which drive more relevant online traffic to your site at no cost to you. Pay-per-click enables you to specifically target particular consumers in particular areas, but needs to be done properly to be effective and profitable. Likewise, SEO experts can design integrated, comprehensive marketing campaigns that drive more traffic to your site via organic search results, and other marketing tactics.

Expand Your Local Marketing Reach

Whether you have a single, family-owned plumbing business doing business in your hometown, or a chain of them in several states, experts can make your website your most powerful marketing tools. If you are looking to expand your customer base in a particular region, state, city, or even a specific neighborhood, experts can optimize your website and design effective marketing campaigns to reach more customers and grow your business. That means you can increase the amount of relevant traffic from among the consumers you want to reach by leading them to your website so that they can choose your plumbing business to handle their plumbing needs.

Improve your ROI

While there are many great reasons for embracing SEO, the best reason of all is its ability to improve your return on investment (ROI). Search engine campaigns offer a wealth of information to measure your success, make adjustments, and improve your ROI by adjusting keywords, bid amounts, making changes to your geo-targeting, ad timing, ad construction and content, links, and many other variables. All results are completely measurable based on your costs per exposure, click, lead, conversion, and many other factors that impact your profitability. If you don’t have the time or staff, you can hire experts to improve your search engine marketing efforts and make your business more profitable.