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Internet Marketing Guide – Creating Value For Your Blog

imgresSearch engine optimization is one of the most budget-friendly ways to put your business on the map. It offers excellent return on investment and is far more cost effective than PPC advertising and social media marketing. If you’re a small business owner marketing to an online audience, it’s imperative that you let Google know you exist using a strong SEO strategy that adds value to your blog.


Before you start publishing content, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you need foot traffic to your plumbing offices or clients from outside your region?
  • Do you want to inform your prospects about what you do?
  • Do you want your blog contribute to your brand identity?
  • Do you want to keep your customers informed about how your business is changing?

According to internet marketing mogul, Seth Godin, your blog will be unfocused if you have more than two or three objectives, so you need to choose the few that are most important to your growth.


The Pigeon algorithm is fairly simple to exploit, particularly by plumbers and others working in the service sector because they need to market to smaller audiences. Your contact information and phone number need to appear on your blog. Your city needs to be mentioned, of course, but regional keywords are useful, too. Your content must be engaging to your readers, and this is where Hummingbird becomes part of your internet marketing strategy. This algorithm punishes you for using black hat marketing techniques such as keyword stuffing. The only way around it is to write blog posts that create genuine interest in your readers.


What does your average blog reader enjoy? What are they interested in? Where do they live? The more data you have about your blog community, the more focused your internet marketing strategy will be, and finding the information you need about your readers is simpler than you might think. You can research your keywords with metric tools to get a thorough understanding of your audience, but simply interacting with your readers on your blog and collecting the data they give you will leave you with invaluable information.

Panda and Farmer Updates

Google’s Panda and Farmer updates change the way you need to communicate your technical information about your sector. They reward you with rank if your content is:

  • Error-free
  • Original
  • Linked to relevant research
  • Insightful and interesting rather than obvious
  • Useful
  • Well written enough to compete with industry magazines and journals
  • Of interest to real people, not internet algorithms

A Picture Tells a Thousand Words

The Technorati Blog Report revealed that photographs are the most shared medium on blogs. Well chosen photographs that draw attention are a critical part of your internet marketing strategy, but they must be optimized as well as your written content is. OpenGraph tags allow your readers to share your image socially, and file names need to be optimized with keywords. Captions are read 300% more often than blog text, so make sure yours are appealing to your readers.