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How to Boost Your Business With the Right Kind of Digital Marketing

shutterstock_280235207When running a small business like your own, you want to spend more time working with clients and helping fix their plumbing problems. However, for potential customers to find you, you need to take specific steps to market yourself. Of course, you’ve probably spent most of your time building up your plumbing credentials, working with clients, receiving certifications and other important steps in honing your craft. This means digital marketing may not be something you’ve studied at great length. To properly promote your business and to reach local customers, you just need to take advantage of a few digital marketing technique, all of which will bring you more exposure and assist you in building a strong client base.



Video Marketing

You don’t need a film degree to create quality videos for your website and for YouTube. People are more willing to watch a two minute video than read a block of text (even if it takes less than two minutes to do). Having a welcome video on your website helps boost SEO, make it more visible to clients and it helps source your website on video searches as well.

If at all possible, consider creating easy to follow how-to videos. This will bring in additional exposure, can make you some extra money through Google Adsense, and when someone determines you already give quality insights here, they will be more likely to turn to you for their plumbing issues. These videos can be anything from common dishwasher problems to what causes blockages in the sink. Helpful information always boosts your marketing potential.


SEO, short for search engine optimization, is the practice of making your website more attractive to search engines. By utilizing a handful of techniques, your website will climb up search engine rankings, which in turn brings more exposure and visitors to the site. User images in your website with appropriate keywords. This helps boost image search results. Use keywords in headers around the website, but don’t stuff keywords, otherwise you may receive a search engine penalty. Also, try to remove unnecessary material from your pages (especially the landing page). Load time is used when determining page rank, so a fast loading website always helps.

Mobile Advertising

More than half of all Internet searches are now performed on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Advertising your plumbing services through mobile devices can draw in additional attention. Many people may bring up plumbing information on their phone as they don’t have the time to sit down in front of a computer. With these digital marketing ads on mobile devices, you’ll bring in more visitors.


Pay Per Click advertising is when you create an ad that is featured on different websites. You don’t need to pay for the advertisement until someone clicks on it. The ad appears when someone uses the same keywords you attach to the advertisement when creating it. Just make sure to incorporate your location within the keywords, so only people in your area see it.