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Benefits of SEO Agencies

shutterstock_377412733Generating a continued stream of leads and customers through online advertising takes a fair amount of work and rests on the foundation of good search engine optimization (SEO). Finding and optimizing your website around your niche is the only way to generate passive interest. Good SEO agencies keep track of algorithm updates and help you stay visible on an internet that is increasingly drowning in content. Every minute of every day, 571 new web pages go up, along with 68,000 blog posts. That makes it easy for you to get lost in the crowd. Working with an SEO agency helps you differentiate and make your way to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs).

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization works to allow search engines to read and index a website properly. For your plumbing site, you’ll want to insert keywords that drive traffic related to plumbing searches. Words like leak, pipes, plumbing, faucets and appliances all make people think of plumbing. Including plumbing-specific terms on your website is natural, but you can improve on natural with the addition of carefully researched long-tail keywords and keyword density tracking. When designing an SEO strategy, it is important to remember that quality content outperforms keyword stuffing.

SEO-Friendly Web Design vs. PPC

As you develop your online marketing strategy, you will probably look at pay-per-click advertising as an option. You pay a nominal fee, and it gives you automatic first-page placement on SERPs. You can also pay for banner advertising on websites that funnel searches in your niche. For example, placing banner ads on do-it-yourself sites or home renovation sites can drive a fair amount of traffic. The problem with this business model is the cost of customer acquisition. You pay a premium for every customer, and not every click results in a service call.

Website optimization offers a continued stream of leads, all at the same upfront cost. You pay to optimize your site once, with occasional updates and benefit from the improved placement on a continued basis. Working with an SEO agency, you develop a list of keywords to focus on and start tailoring your content around those search terms. The result can be thousands of additional monthly visitors to your site.

Video Marketing Improves Page Rank

In addition to a plumber-tailored keyword strategy, you can also incorporate video marketing. Good video content can generate more than page views – it can generate backlinks. Backlinks (links from external pages back to your page) tell search engines that your site is an authority on the subject. More backlinks mean a higher page rank, so be sure to think about adding a video component.

Expert SEO Help Saves on Marketing

If marketing is more than 25 percent of your budget, you might be overspending. With the right agency, one familiar with the plumbing niche, you can localize and optimize to drive search traffic to your site.