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5 Quick Tips About Digital Marketing

shutterstock_362055305With the further development of technology and the rise of social media, businesses have more opportunities than ever to market their services and products.

Even for the traditional plumber, digital marketing opens up whole new avenues to reach new clients in a number of different ways.

Digital marketing isn’t simply about getting your name out onto the Internet. It now includes getting your business name out in other digital capacities such as a smartphone, on Facebook or Twitter, or creating a web site that can draw traffic to those looking for the services of a plumber or handyman.

The following are five tips for plumbing businesses to use digital marketing tools in helping to build up a multi-platform advertising presence.


1) Get on Facebook and Twitter

These are social media platforms that can get the name of your business beyond having a web site. You can start cross-referencing your various sites and have them linked together. Let people know if you have a special deal going out by sending out a tweet or by posting on Facebook. In addition, Facebook can also get a number of likes from customers satisfied with your work.

2) Create an online blog

Some suggest creating a short how-to guide to help people deal with common problems. This shows that you know your stuff about plumbing issues and also indicates a willingness that you aren’t just in it for the money, but can help teach and support clients about plumbing issues.

Make sure you include your business, main contact information such as a phone number or a web site.

3) Show your proficiency through visuals

Taking the last digital marketing concept a step further, create a personal video showing you fixing some of the easy and common plumbing issues in a visual how-to format.Then, post it on YouTube or on your online web site.

Many try to fix plumbing issues themselves and go reference how-to guides online. If you post your business information, a potential customer realizes that their plumbing issue isn’t that simply and choose to hire a pro. Now, they have visual confirmation of you showing your plumbing knowledge and may choose you.

4) Recognize the value of SEO

The search engine optimization is the term used for tactics that help a particular web site stand out from others and receive more search hits. Those who can effectively insert key terms in referencing plumbing see an increase in traffic on web sites and more calls for business. Such phrases as “clogged toilet” and “leaky pipes” are quite common in conjunction with the plumbing industry and should be mentioned on your web site to draw more traffic.

5) Cross-promote with another business

Try and find businesses than are close to the plumbing field. Perhaps a hardware store or a bathroom appliance company. Then, join forces by promoting your business on their web site and vice versa such as putting banner ads on such sites that catch customers’ attention.