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5 Essential Areas in Digital Marketing That Help Increase Site Traffic

shutterstock_257896472Your plumbing business needs to make the best use of every marketing tool you have at your disposal, and few can be more potent or cost-effective than digital marketing. Like most business owners, you already know about radio, television, and print advertising. But you most likely don’t make the best use of your best marketing tool – your plumbing business website. Here are five ways you can use digital marketing to make your website your most potent advertising tool.

Search Engine Optimization

Studies show about 85 percent of consumers conduct an online search before choosing a new service or buying a product. Most will do that by entering a search term on Google or Yahoo! Bing search engines, and getting results from relevant websites. You want your website to be at or near the top of search results for the people looking for plumbing goods and services in your market area. If you can do that, you almost certainly will have an increase in online traffic, and more people walking through your front door.

Improved PPC Results

Search engines provide two kinds of results – paid and organic. Paid results are based on how much websites are bidding on search terms, versus how relevant their respective sites are compared to yours and others. Search results obtained via pay-per click (PPC) advertising can be very affordable and profitable, or very costly and ineffective. Having a unique, high-quality website and backing it with sound digital marketing strategies and tactics can improve your SEO rankings and lower the cost of your PPC advertising.

Get Free Advertising

When your website is optimized for PPC advertising, it also can improve your organic search rankings, which is free advertising and highly effective. Organic search results are websites Google and other search engines determine to be particularly relevant and exceptional for a particular search term. To ensure at least some high-quality search results, Google will provide free listings of organic search results, and that means free advertising for those sites. You want yours to be among them.

Website Design

To maximize your SEO and PPC efforts, your website has to be its absolute best. That means it works with every popular Web and mobile browser. More and more people access the Internet via cellular phones, tablets, and mobile devices, as well as computers, and your website has to work flawlessly with each browser and online format. You also need your website to provide a unique user experience and constantly evolve to meet the changing algorithms that Google and others use to assess and rate your websites.

Video Marketing

Your digital marketing efforts can benefit from video marketing, which is a great way to demonstrate products and services. Video marketing can establish your business as a source of local information and knowledge, upon which your customers can rely for sound advice and quality service. It also can help you to establish a rapport with customers, help with email campaigns, and provide unique content on your website.